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Biological Safety Cabinets model : CBS 1200


Biosafety Cabinet controls spread of infectious agents (Class I , II, III) in the environment. This cabinet provides Class 100 air in working environment and gives product protection, environment protection and operator protection.


Working area: Feet: 4 x 2 x 2

Direction of flow : Vertical

Cleanliness level: Class 100, Class II type A2

Velocity: 100fpm +/- 20%

Noise level: 65dbA +/- 5%

Material of construction: Made of mild steel exterior

Working table: Perforated stainless 304L

Made of clear Perspex sheet- Vertical sliding

HEPA Filter: H 13, Particle retention 0.3μ(micron)

Filter efficiency: 99.99%

Pressure Drop: 23mm WG

Blower assembly: Single phase, 1440 RPM Motor, directly coupled with a pair of aluminium impeller.

UV Lamp: 3 feet, 30 watt

Illumination: 4 feet, 40 watt with diffuser

Standard accessories: Base assembly, Magnehelic air pressure gauge monitor, additional power points gas inlet, floor leveling screw and wire chord.

Power supply: 220 volt, 50Hz, Single Phase