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Beckman Coulter

The Beckman Coulter J6-MI refrigerated floor model centrifuge is the standard for quiet, versatile, rugged and convenient operation.

    Achieve Key Separations in Volumes up to 6-liters
  • Bioprocessing
  • Clinical
  • Research
  • Blood Component
    Exclusive ARIES ™ Self-Balancing Rotors
  • Start your run with an imbalanced load - up to 100 grams! ARIES selfbalancing rotors correct for the imbalance during the run -- and continue without shutdown. 6 x 1 liter bottles, 6 blood bags, 18 microplates, 336 RIA Tubes - at 4,200 rpm, 5,020 x g.
Powerful, Maintenance-Free Operation
  • Rugged microprocessor-controlled induction motor provides high torque, fast acceleration, and offers low wear and long motor life.
  • Full System Quality and Safety
  • CSA and CE marked, the J6-MI is manufactured in a NSAI registered ISO-9001-2000 facility and has been designed and tested to meet the highest laboratory equipment standards and regulations.
  • Biocertified rotors* and buckets with Aerosolve® covers provide protection from aerosol leaks and spills.

  • Macrofriger-BLT-Blood


    • Case: internal structure of tubular steel with lateral Dural supports.
    • Internal Stainless steel bowl .
    • Aluminium windbreak cover with detector and alarm sensor that prevents the centrifuge operation without it.
    • Safety shield: 8 mm thick steel.
    • Swing-out rotor, buckets and adapters made of high-density material, engraved identification unalterable.
    • Suspended motor with silent-block and shock absorbers that guarantee smooth, quiet operation without vibrations.
    • Drive force: equipped with an induction drive maintenance free and highly efficient pollution free motor.
    • Semi-hermetically sealed, compressor pollution free with no hydrocarbons or fluorocarbons.
    • Mounted on an anti vibration adjustable rubber feet.
    • Microprocessor digital control of all functions: speed, acceleration, brake, R.C.F., temperature, time, 20 program memory, rotor identification, operation fault alarm.