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     Ceramic top hotplates “Ceramic-plac”

     Round Hotplates

     Hotplate double circular “Duplac”

     Rectangular precision hotplate “Plactronic”

Ceramic top hotplates “Ceramic-plac”
The “CERAMIC-PLAC” has the following features and advantages:
  • Flat, smooth surface.
  • Excellent resistance to chemical agents.
  • High heating power within the heated area that permits extreme temperature within a short heat up time.
  • Excellent thermal qualities and penetration of infrared radiation.
  • Easy to clean.
The “CERAMIC-PLAC” has the following features and advantages:
  • External case of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Heating elements mounted on ceramic fibre thus making an insulated compact block.
  • Temperature energy control from 6 % to 70 % of nominal power. (Model Part No. 3000919 and 3000920).
  • Hydraulic thermostat temperature control up to 400 °C (Model Part No. 3000921).