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     Heating mantle for flasks “Fibroman-C”

     Heating mantles for flasks “Fibroman HT-W”

     Heating mantle for flasks “Fibroman-D” & “Fibroman-0”

     Banks of heating mantles

Heating mantle for flasks “Fibroman-C”

Two position isolated rocker switch heating control with power on indicator lamp.

  • DUR ALLOY aluminium exterior case with epoxy coating.
  • Suspended mineral wool woven heating mantle.
  • Heating element homogeneously distributed throughout the woven mantle.
  • Thermally insulated case, mineral wool fibre insulation.
  • Nickel connectors.
  • Retort stand clamp at the back of the unit.
  • To prevent breakage or spills a drain hole is provided at the bottom of the mantle.
  • Safety earth connection.