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Unitronic Reciprocating Shaking Bath & C Refrigerated Bath
Cell culture and biological samples, yeasts and general applications that require stable and reproducible temperatures.

Linear motion sliding tray from 10 to 100 oscillations per minute, with a variable stroke length of 32 or 46 mm. Digital display and selection of temperature, oscillations and time. Temperature sensor: thermo-resistant Pt100. Rack frame support made of AISI 304 stainless steel incorporated in the tank that can accommodate a selection of flasks and racks. Internal tank made of AISI 310 stainless steel with an external case of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Mains power switch.
  • LCD screen that shows:
    • Temperature, oscillations per minute and time.
    • Alarms: set temperature and probe failure.
    • Configuration: °C or °F, temperature calibration
      and set working temperature limits.
  • Push button Start/ Stop.
  • Push button to decrease value.
  • Push button to increase value.
  • Push button for parameter selection: temperature,
    strokes per min. and time.
  • Push button for configuration.
MODELS Part No. Capacity litres Height / Width / Depth (bath) cm Height / Width /Depth (support carriage) cm Height / Width /Depth (exterior cm) Power (w) Weight (Kg)
UNITRONIC RECIPROCATING 6032011 27 18   48   29 17   35   24 30   74   40.5 1500 25
UNITRONIC RECIPROCATING-C 6001173 27 18   48   29 17   35   24 30   75   63.5 1750 43