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     Visible range spectrophotometers “V-1100” and “VR-2000”

     Ultraviolet and visible range spectrophotometers “UV-200 5” and “UV-3100”

Visible range spectrophotometers “V-1100” and “VR-2000”
They are widely used in colleges and enterprises for general quantitatives analysis and experiments based in absorbance measurements.
High quality silicon photometric diode detector and 1200 lines/mm diffraction grating ensure the high quality accuracy and precision.
Digital display for an easy readout.
Automatic zero and blank (easy to use). Easy switching of transmittance, absorbance and concentration modes, just by pressing one key.
Large sample compartment, which can accommodate 5 to 100mm path length cuvettes with optional holders.
Its pre-aligned design makes it possible to change the halogen lamps by the user himself.
V-1100 MODEL
Easy of use.
Ergonomic and solid design for a continuous suitable use, for students and workers.
Large LCD screen (128x64bits).
It can display a total of 50 groups of data (3 groups per screen).
It can display standard curve and kinetics curve graphic.
The system can also save the test results.
A total of 50 data groups and 10 standard curves can be saved in the RAM memory.
At most 9 standard samples can be used to establish a standard curve.
The curve and the curve equation will be displayed simultaneously on the screen.
The unknown concentration solutions, can be measured by the curve.
If one knows the coefficient k and b of the formula: C=kA+b, one can input the value directly.
Data is stored in the memory in case of power cut.