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Air Purification Systems for Laboratory Applications


It is not always possible to install biological laboratory in a clean room, but it is required to provide to the air with a level of cleanliness to allow protection of products that are handled in the laboratory. For this purpose Mehrotra Biotech has designed CLEAN ENVIRO.

CLEAN ENVIRO are designed to be installed in Laboratories, operating theatres, ophthalmic or any other area in order to purify the air in the room.

CLEAN ENVIRO units are provided with a system with HEPA filters that remove airborne particles including smoke, dust, powders and bioaerosols with an efficiency of 99.99% for particles of 0.3microns. A prefilter protects HEPA filter so extending its life.

Design allows continuous operation and very easy maintenance.

Dimension 61 x 46 x 107 (WxDxH in cm)
Weight 60
Air flow 800m3/ hour
Voltage 230V/50Hz
Air quality 99.99% for particle of 0.3 micron
Sound level 35 - 40 dBA
Filters H14 dual filtration
Optional UV light for sterilization