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Euro Flow Total Exhaust Series:-

Telstar Euro Flow Total Exhaust Series, our top range of high quality NSF49 Class II Type B2 Biological Safety Total Exhaust Cabinets ensures the highest level of protection for operator, product and environment, minimizing hazards inherent to working with toxic and volatile chemical substances assigned to Biosafety levels 1, 2 and 3. Total Exhaust Cabinets have no air recirculation, avoiding the risk of high concentrations of the product handled in the work area of the cabinet. This series has been designed according to the highest standards of quality, biological safety, reliability, ergonomics and usability..


Good cleanability: Type EF/B is supplied with a combined sliding/hinged window construction which is balanced by means of gas dampers and springs. Opening the window creates more space for loading and unloading at the working area and simplifies cleaning of the window.

Hermetically closed window for disinfection: A simple locking system gives you the ability of opening and locking the window construction hermetically when gaseous disinfecting is performed.

V-shaped HEPA filter section:Type EF/B is additionally equipped with V-shaped HEPA (H14) exhaust filter section. This filter section is mounted underneath the worktop. After passing the pre-filter section all contaminated air will pass the V-shaped HEPA filters, therefore the inside of the cabinet remains free of contamination. The V-shaped filters can be exchanged under safe conditions.