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Comes with i-KW, a controller with a technology based on micro processor ARM9, Dual Core, the same processor applied in smart phones. which works with operative system Linux and it’s a true on–board computer. The new controller has a graphic interface, done with a touch screen TFT DISPLAY. Guarantying the maximum connectivity and traceability, i-KW is able to satisfy the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and health laboratories, completely.

The ultra low temperature freezers HPL, with the new smart controller i-KW, can have a full connectivity with the laboratory environmental, by means of: slot USB, slot SIM, Wi-Fi, Ethernet wired, and RS485 port with ModBus protocol. There is also the availability of a temperature – time graphic, with no need to install a specific recorder

Insulation in polyurethane resin foamed on site, with an average thickness of 140mm., for maximum thermal protection and minimum power consumption.


Allows raising the temperature set during the night hours with a pre-definite value (settable by the user or by the manufacturer)


Allows , when the percentage of the compressor use reaches a pre definite value, to raise the temperature set point, temporarily and automatically, with a pre definite value (settable by the user or by the manufacturer).The energy saving is at least -15%, in comparison with a standard ultra low freezer, only through Night Mode and Eco Mode.

The external cabinet is a plasticized, zinc plated (or enamelled) steel sheet with rounded edges for maximum ergonomics; Internal casing in AISI 304 stainless steel with rounded angles for easy cleaning

Insulation is in CFC- and HCFC-free polyurethane resin foamed on site, with a density of 40 Kg. /m3 and with an average thickness of 140 mm or more. (It’s available V.I.P. solution).

Gaskets: triple silicone rubber seal, welded joints, heated by the refrigerant itself and with virtually unlimited duration.

REFRIGERATION SYSTEM AT minus 86°C:the refrigeration system is fully sealed; it uses a cascade circuit with innovative components and fluids to obtain, together, maximum cooling reliability and performance; 2 silent, airtight compressors (value Leq dB (A) <55) with a high refrigeration capacity; the refrigerants are nontoxic, non-flammable, non-explosive and environmentally friendly.

Voltage stabilizer 4,000-VA voltage regulation, capable of compensating the fluctuations of the utility power supply (} 15%), protecting the compressors and guaranteeing a long useful life.

ALARMS: temperature alarm system fully independent with the regulation control; reading of alarm probe by 2nd micro processor on the electronic board: visual and acoustic alarm for power failure, door opening, high condenser pressure, battery alarm, damaged probe/s, compressors time, high temperature condenser, clogged condenser; for any temperature alarm, automatic recording (high T, low T) black out, critical alarm temperature, month/day/hour/minute of the alarm start; month/day/hour/minute of the alarm end

K60HPL UltraFreezer(-40°C/-85°C)