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Standard Features
- White mild steel exterior
- Automatic door closing
- Air forced cooling
- Adjustable shelves
- Key lock on door
- Glass door

Technical Specifications

- Temperature Range – minus 2 degree to 8 degree
- Micro processor controller with digital display
- GSM enabled
- Coloured Touch Screen Display
- Approx. 48 hours battery back up for alarms, loggings   and temperature display in case of power cut
- Ambient temperature display
- Battery level indication
- Integrated data logger


These Laboratory refrigerators can be used to cool samples or specimens for preservation. And includes refrigeration units for storing blood plasma and other blood products, as well as vaccines and other medical or pharmaceutical supplies. They are totally hygienic and completely reliable. Laboratory refrigerators maintain a consistent temperature in order to minimize the risk of bacterial contamination and explosions of volatile materials. In order to achieve a high degree of accuracy the refrigerator needs air to circulate and a fan to maintain an even temperature at all times. The fan turns off when the door is open to prevent cold air from blowing out of the unit. Laboratory refrigerators feature separate compartments to prevent cross contamination and can hold specific medical supplies, such as blood or vaccines.

Available models in this series are : PR 360, PR450, PR 500 and PR 1000