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  • Inner & Outer chamber made of – SS 304
  • Inside –boiler made of heavy gauge brass sheet with SS sheet inside.
  • Pressure 20 lbs per sq. inch
  • Working pressure 15 lbs per sq. inch.
  • Hydraulically tested to 100%.
  • Maximum sterilization temperature: 121° C
  • Provided with Electronic Temperature Controller
  • Boiler and outer provided with air insulation.
  • Lid make of heavy gun metal casting machined to fit the gun metal casting ring by means of durable steam quality Molded rubber jacket
  • Molded, joint less rubber gasket made of neoprene rubber.
  • Radial locking system
  • Steam release cock & heavy nuts fitted to the bolts to keep lid in position while in operation.
  • Sterilizer is hydraulically tested up to 40 Psi.
  • Spring loaded safety valve can be set between 10 psi to 20psi.
  • Water level indicator: Manual
  • Pressure gauge and immersion heaters fitted


Vertical autoclave provides sterilization to laboratory ware/ surgical items/laboratory disposables so that the reusable items can be properly disinfected and we can use again in sterile condition. For disposable wastes we need to follow autoclaving process before incineration of Bio-medical wastes.