Aeolus V Vertical Laminar Air Flow

Product Description

AEOLUS V Vertical Laminar Flow Benches, have been speciallydesigned to work in Hospitals, Pharmacies, IVF Centers, Food Control,Horticulture in vitro Cultures and also in Electronics, Optics, Micromechanics,Plastic Industries, etc

Vertical Laminar Flow systems allow operation in sterile andparticle free conditions thanks to the continuous flushing of the working areaby means of a unidirectional vertical ultra filtered air flow. The positivepressure inside the cabinet prevents inflow of contaminated air from thesurrounding environment into the work area.

General features

High quality components:

• Cabinetsmade of stove-enamel coated steel

• PolishedAISI-304 stainless steel working surface

• HEPAfilter protected with laminar screen to provide incomparable uniform flow

• U.V.resistant tempered glass side walls

• Slidingfront safety glass window


Compactexternal size without parts protruding from the main body; easy to clean

• LEDlighting provides uniform illumination and minimises eyestrain

• Low noiselevel

•User-friendly with intuitive control panel

• Easyinstallation and service: 800 mm depth allow passage through all doorways. HEPAfilter is accessible for replacement from the front of the cabinet. Unit can befully disassembled in case of complicated installations

• Wideworking surface made in Stainless Steel

Green line:

• Very lowpower consumption is obtained by adopting:

- EC motors

- LEDlighting

- Standbyflow mode

• All partsare retrofittable, even the metallic ones, so extending total life of thecabinet

• Pre-filter(G3) prevents dust, dirt and particles reaching the HEPA filter, tremendously increasingHEPA filter lifetime


• Fourmodels with different widths to suit all applications

• Widerange of options and accessories

Technical Specifications

Control panel with alarms and parameters:

Digital control board with LCD display including:
• ON/OFF button and light indicator
• Selection of air speed: working or stand-by
• Button for U.V. operation with possibility of exposure time 
• LEDs on control panel show status of: lighting, U.V., clogging 
of filter
• Alarm LED
• Display with real-time air speed indication.
• Elapsed time counter for the fan and U.V. light.

Full Details