Componant Bloodbank Turnkey solutions/ Modular BSL III facility

Evolving strides in medical treatment since the turn of the century have led to increasing requirement of blood products. Modern methods of processing freshly donated blood can provide concentrated components for the treatment of specific deficiencies. The use of the whole blood transfusion is gradually being restricted to the treatment of massive haemorrhage.
With paid donation being discouraged, blood has become a scarce commodity in India. As Blood Banks depend on voluntary donors for their requirement, they should ensure that the blood donation process should be a pleasant experience for the donor. Only if the experience is a pleasant one will the donor be encouraged to donate in future. The voluntary donor has every right to expect that the blood and components being prepared be utilized to the best extent. For the Blood Banks, to ensure quality of Components and Blood, the use of high quality equipment and consumables are essential.

Thus, The Blood Bank has a three-fold responsibility.
  • To take the best care of the donor before, during and after donation.
  • To ensure that the best possible use is made of the blood drawn from the donor.
  • To ensure that the blood components are prepared and made available in time with assurance of both quality and safety.

Blood Component Therapy refers to the transfusion f a specific component of blood that the patient needs instead of transfusing whole blood. The advantages of using blood component are:-

  • One donated unit can benefit patients.
  • The risk of transfusion induced reactions are minimized as only the required components are transfused.
  • Cardiac overload is minimized.
  • Storage period can be enhanced as the Plasma and Cryoprecipitate can be stored up to 365 days.
  • Better revenue from issue of component than from single units.

Blood Bank Equipments List and Financial Estimates

The Blood Bank shall be equipped with instruments and devices best suited for the processes employed. The selection of equipment is made considering the volume of blood units to be handled by the Blood Bank, methods used for blood collection, storage and component separation, and the infrastructure available.

About the Proposal

Modular Laboratory Structure

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