Double Pan Bucket Equalizer

Product Description

Before centrifugal or component preparation in the blood bank we need to centrifuge the blood bags. Each and every bucket weight should be almost equal before centrifugation to avoid any type of error happening or incident.
Double Pan Bucket Equalizer (Double pan weighing balance) allows removing imbalance in different buckets for smooth centrifugal process

Technical Specifications

•Weighing range : 0 -3000 grams/ml
•Weight difference for Indicator : 4 gram (may vary upon request)
•Weight display panel : Indicator, A, B
•Accuracy : +/-2 gram/ml
•Input Voltage : 230 VAC/50 Hz
•Power supply : Internal Transformer type
•Transducer : Load cell
•Reset : Zero
•Calibration : Auto
•Display : LCD with back light
•Power consumption : 5 Watt

Full Details