High volume orbital shaker incubator

Product Description


Metallic external case epoxy-coated.

Current and set digital reading of temperature, time and speed parameters.

Acoustic alarm and illuminated indicator at the end of the cycle and also to indicate temperature and / or time programs errors.

Automatic switch off mechanism when the shaker door is opened.

Motor over load protection, with automatic switch off activation.

Induction drive motor, where the drive mechanism has an anti vibration system.

Refrigerated models have a hermetically sealed compressor unit with a ventilated condenser.

Internal case made of stainless steel AISI 316 with polished finish and glazed door for a handy visibility of the samples process.

Internal platform with multi-adapter positions for differing accessories, such as: conical flask adapters, microtitre plate holders and universal tray with adjustable tension springs for other non standard sized vessels.

Technical Specifications


Temperated glass hinged door.

The orbital rotation can be adjusted without

disassembly from 50mm.


Made with two doors framework type and double glass windows which allow visibility of the material exposed in the inside

Two removable upper trays for high volume Erlenmeyer flasks accommodation in the lower tray.

Adjustable outlet hole for the air in the inside of the chamber.

Amplitude of oscilation: 25mm.

With wheels for movements and adjustable support for a stabled fixing.

Full Details