Automatic Vertical Autoclave-Mehrotra Biotech

Product Description

The Vertical Autoclave is specifically made for the sterilization of medical and surgicalsolid instruments in dental, medical and veterinary clinics, first aid rooms, laboratories etc. The solid build outer body of the autoclave is stable and rigid on its own.The inner chamber is electrically & thermally insulated with the body to protect theuser for any risk of shock or heat. The Autoclave is electrically heated using steam asthe sterilizing agent. A computerized control unit ensuring a fully automatic sterilization cycle and precise control and monitoring of physical parameters and a clear documentation of the sterilization cycle controls the autoclave. The control system provides adequate protection, to ensure the safety of personneland reliable operation with a minimum of shut down time. This Autoclave is equipped with a safety pressure gauge that is used as a guide only.Should there be a power failure during the operation of the autoclave, the pressuregauge indicates to the operator that there is pressure in the chamber.

Technical Specifications

  • Model - VA80
  • Product Dimensions (LXWXH) - 31” X 32” X 55”
  • Material - AISI 304 SS Chamber & MS Powder coated outer frame body
  • Chamber Dimension (DxH) - 16 inch x 28 inch
  • Volume - 90L
  • Temperature Range - 1210C to 1350C
  • Max. Pressure - 15-25psi
  • Power Rating - 230V , 15A, 3.0 KW
  • Controller - Touchscreen, PID/ON-OFF Full Color TFT dispay.
  • Safety Devices -
    • Low water alarm      
    • Voltage meter
    • Dial Type Pressure Guage
    • Auto Cut-off pressure valve
    • Auto Pressure release sensor.
    • Temperature Sensor - PT100

     Note - Some specifications may vary according to different models

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