Steam distillation unit Kjeldahl Semi-Automatic “Pro-Nitro S”

Product Description


Measuring range: from 0.1 to 200 mg Nitrogen.

Programmable distillation time.

Nitrogen recovery >99.5%

Distillation speed : from 35-40ml/minute

Typical distillation time: from 7-10 minutes.

Water consumption rate: from 80-100 litres/Hr.

Steam generator water consumption: 2.5 Litres/ Hr.

Water reservoir for steam generator: 6 litres

NaOH reservoir: 2 Litres.

Boric Acid reservoir: 2 Litres

Low water level for the steam generator.
Safety door open or no distillation/digestion tube in place.
Steam generator over temperature.

Single push button to start the distillation cycle:
- Boric acid dosing
- Start distillation.
- NaOH dosing
- Stop Distillation (Programmed time transpired.)
- Acoustic indicator at the end of the cycle.

Supplied complete with a MACRO Ø 42 mm tube, set of connection tubes, set of reservoirs.

Technical Specifications

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