Product Description

Case: internal structure of tubular steel with lateral Dur-al supports.
InternalStainless steel bowl .
Aluminium windbreak cover.
Safety shield: 8 mm thick steel.
Swing-out rotor, buckets and adapters made of high-density material, engravedidentification unalterable.
Suspended motor with silent-block and shock absorbers that guarantee smooth,quiet operation without vibrations.Drive force: equipped with an induction drive maintenance free and highly efficientpollution free motor.
Semi-hermetically sealed, compressor pollution free with no hydrocarbons or fluorocarbons.
Mounted on an anti vibration adjustable rubber feet.  
Microprocessor digital control of all functions: speed, acceleration, brake, R.C.F.,temperature, time, 50 tamper proof program memory, rotor identification, operationfault alarm.Working menu access by authorized pin code.Digital indicator of the rotor and blood bag buckets operating hours

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