Ultrasonic Bath

Product Description

•Switch mode technology.
•Automatic frequency tuning for maximum output
•Low transducer losses permit maximum cleaning action.
•Protection against short circuit, over voltage and over temperature.
•Micro controller base digital timer.
•Rugged and easy to clean stainless steel housing.
•Extensively protected electronics circuits for longer and safe operation.

Technical Specifications

•Material of construction: Stainless steel grade AISI 304.
•Digital Timer 60 minutes with Settable Ultrasonic.
•Power:  450W 
•Ultrasonic Generator With latest MOSFET based Technology 
•Temp. Controller: Digital Temp. controller cum indicator and  PT100 sensor 
•Ultrasonic Frequency : 33 +/-3 kHz 
•Input Supply: 230VAC 50hz.
•Water Outlet:  ½ inch ball valve for cleaning the tank.
•Puff solution covered outside of the tank to safe guard the transducer & maintains the water temperature.

Full Details

Available in different litre capacities.