Product Description

The Telstar Bio II Advance Plus series is a new evolution of biological safety cabinets providing a compact

design for easy installation within the laboratory, without losing valuable working space. It has also been

designed to the highest standards of safety, ergonomics, energy efficiency, including EC fans and Led

lights, reliability and ease of use in its class.

market’s most secure safety cabinets for biological products.

Technical Specifications

• Cabinet depth 764 mm (compatible with most laboratory


• Overall height 1260 mm

• 10° sloped front window for a better working position

• 304L stainless steel chamber with rounded angles and

hardened security glass sides

• Hermetically closable sealing around the front window

• Security anti-reflective front window with UV protection, with

no visual obstacles on the lower edge

• Microprocessor control with filter-loading-self-compensation

• Main screen showing the laminar flow speed and the filter

clogging level.

• Ecomode function

• Control panel with international colour code to indicate

cabinet status

• Manual sliding window with gas springs to facilitate

maintenance and internal cleaning of the cabinet and entering

large objects and accessories into the working chamber

• UV light and fans with timer to be programmable

• Four predefined languages (Spanish, English, French and


• Access to all the maintenance areas via the front side of the


Full Details

Technical Specifications

Bio II Advance 3,4,6 View
Bio II Advance- 3,4,6 View