Euro Flow series

Product Description

Telstar EuroFlow Series, our top range of high quality Class II Biological Safety Cabinets ensures the highestlevel of protection for operator, product and environment, minimizing hazards inherent to working withagents assigned to biosafety levels 1, 2 and 3. 

This series has been designed according to the highest standards of quality, biological safety, reliability,ergonomics and usability.
Basic principle: Type EF provides operator protection by inflow, productprotection by HEPA-filtered laminar downflow in theworking area (30% exhaust; 70% recirculation) andenvironmental protection by HEPA-filtered exhaust air.Applications :
Type EF is designed for microbiological researchwith biological agents (e.g. bacteria, viruses, etc) andallergens.Available sizesType EF is standard available in 4, 5 and 6 ft (120, 150and 180 cm) width.
Type EF (‘Class II A’)EuroFlow Series is designed and manufactured according to international biosafetystandards EN12469 (Class II), NSF49 (Class II Type A2) and JIS K 3800 (Class II Type A2).EuroFlow Series is fully certified by TüV Nord in accordance with EN 12469. The workingarea is classified as ISO 14644-1 (Class 5) and GMP Annex 1 (Class A).Additionally, Type EF/B cabinets are designed and manufactured according to DIN 12980(Class II) and fully certified by TüV Nord in accordance with DIN 12980.
• Superior quality
• Proven reliability
• Suitable for customising
• Solid & ergonomic design
• Easy to operate
• Easy to clean
• Easy to decontaminate
• Easy maintenance
• According highest standards
• Microprocessor safety control
• Enhanced safety features 

Technical Specifications

Features & benefits:

  • Superior quality. Proven reliability: EuroFlow Series is a range of Class II Biological Safety Cabinets worldwide appreciated forits superior quality and reliable performance. The high quality materials and components andsolid construction ensure a long and reliable lifetime.
  • Exceptionally suitable for customization:The reliable and solid EuroFlow Seriesis exceptionally suitable to adapt tomany customer specific applications,for example incorporating weighingsystems, microscopes etc. Togetherwith the flexibility and expertise of ourEngineering department, this cabinetis also a solid starting point for thedesign of custom made solutionssuch as isolators for pharmaceutical,biotechnical and food industry etc.
  • Many options & accessories :For standard cabinets of this series, a numerous amount of options and accessories are standard available. This ensures astandard cabinet can be adapted easily to various common applications

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