Hot Air Oven

Product Description

Hot air oven is widely used in the medical industry to sterilize the equipment and other materials that are used in a laboratory. It is used for delivering the heat treatment to the product.

Technical Specifications

•Internal part: Easy to clean AISI 304 stainless steel double chamber, self adjusting door seal and adjustable
•Multi-functional Incubator –Double walled.
•Inside chamber stainless steel Outside- Mild steel
•Dual Door with glass transparent inner door
•Door fitted with synthetic rubber gasket
•Heating elements in the ribs (at the bottom) and three sides
•Adjustable air ventilators on both the sides Precision thermostat controlled.
•Temperature ranging from Ambient + 5°C to 250 degree C with 1 degree C sensitivity.
•Input Power Supply: 230 V, 50Hz A.C., Single phase.
•OPTIONAL: 5” TFT Touch screen display with USB data readout system.
•Fan assisted air circulation (please mention if required in p.o.)

Full Details