Product Description

• Highest freeze-drying performance with minimum footprint

• Standard configuration includes:

• Touch screen for unit control with PLC

• Shelf temperature control from -55°C to +70°C

• 5.5 l condenser capacity

• <-85°C condenser temperature

• Vacuum monitoring and control

• Temperature sensors for product and shelf monitoring

• Aeration valve

• Flexible shelf area

• Automatic defrosting

• User friendly and intuitive interface for easy operation

Technical Specifications

Number of Shelves: 2 

Shelf dimensions: (W x D) 400 x 225 mm

Usable shelf area: 0.18 m2 max

Shelf temperature range -55 to +70 °C

Condenser capacity 5.5 kg

Final condenser temperature <-85 °C

Weight 200 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D): 941 x 755 x 630 mm

Full Details

Capabilities of an industrial freeze-dryer have been designed into the new compact LyoBeta Mini Freezedryer;

enabling optimization of industrial-scale recipes on a small-scale unit.