Product Description

• Designed to meet all the safety aspects of EN 60601-1. Protects against electrical shock hazards, fire hazards, mechanical hazards, electro magnetic interference, etc.
• Ensures safety and comfort to the donor and phlebotomist.
• In the event of Vasovagal attack, the donor position can be quickly changed from Head high-foot low to Head low-foot high position by pressing a button.
• Noise free operation ensures donor comfort.
• The trolley is used for placing the Blood Collection Monitor, BP apparatus and other accessories.
• Three motor adjustment provide for the most comfortable position for donors as well as the suitable height for the phlebotomist to perform the venipuncture.
• BCM interface eliminates the need for a separate power source.
• Easy maneuverability of the donor couch with a locking provision for castor wheels.
• Comfortable positioning of the arms provided by swivel and height adjustable armrests.

Technical Specifications

Power source 100-240 VAC, 50/60HZ Single Phase
Lifting capacity 150 Kg*
Weight 95 Kg*
Electrical safety Protection against electrical shock class I, Type B
Initiation of motor movement By operating wired remote control
Movement/Position Any position between normal sitting / donation position/
vasovagal attack position
Motor Three motor
Head rest Adjustable
Arm rests Both swivellable and height adjustable
Upholstery Soft upholstery of 4 inch thickness
Maneuverability Provided with lockable castor wheels
Accessories Paper roll holder
Other options Video stand, Reading lamp, Battery Backup, Trolley
Fuse 250V,3.15A,5x20mm,Type T
Ingress of water IPX0
Warning Replace fuses with specified type & rating
Dimension Length of seat : 550 20mm
Length of back rest : 900 20mm
Seat width : 600 20mm
Leg rest length : 650 20mm
Length of arm rest : 600 20mm
Width of arm rest : 150 10mm
Overall length (trendelenburg position) : 2200 20mm
Overall width (both armrests fully open) : 1850 20mm
Overall hight (lifting column fully extended) : 1580 20mm
Upholstery colour Light grey
Standards & approvals CE mark, EURoHS
Manufacturing standard ISO 9001: 2008(TUV), EN ISO 13485: 2012

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