Product Description

Hermetic snap-apart seal for easy separation of the tube segments after sealing.
Advanced radio frequency (RF) sealing technology
Light-weight, hand-held and battery-powered sealing.
Continuous sealing, with no warm-up time required in between seals
An ergonomically designed sealing gun for ease of use
Built in 3-level safety features ensure utmost safety.

Technical Specifications

40.68 MHz Radio frequency sealing - The radio frequency waves generated by an optimally designed RF oscillator guarantee exceptional seal quality
Specially-designed sealing gun lever ensures the application of RF only after the tube is completely squeezed so that the RF waves will not make contact with blood.
Ergonomic design to ensure better grip and consistent seals.
This rapid-charging sealer gets fully charged within three hours and is protected from over charging. Additional thermal protection is also provided.
Capacity to make more than 1000 high quality seals from a full charge.

Full Details