Product Description

RF technology to deliver wide, reliable, snap-apart hermetic seals of the most exceptional quality
Hermetic sealing, which minimizes haemolysis of blood
Compatibile with tubes of various manufacturers
Splash guard providing protection against blood splashes
Easy separation of the tube segments after sealing
High quality -- Made of imported CE and UL marked components.
Assured performance: Tested for over 2 million continuous seals
A design that meets all international safety requirements of EN61010-1 It ensures safety against electrical shock hazards, fire hazards, mechanical hazards, electro magnetic interference, etc.

Technical Specifications

40.68 MHz Radio frequency sealing - The radio frequency waves generated by an optimally designed RF oscillator guarantee exceptional seal quality. No risk of haemolysis of blood in the tube segments as the radio frequency sealing heats only the tube and not the blood inside.
The RF signal is applied only after the tube is fully squeezed.
Easily accessible electrodes for cleaning and disinfecting.
A sealer comes equipped with SMPS to withstand wide input voltage fluctuations, which ensures that the performance of equipment remains constant irrespective of the input voltage, ensuring a consistent seal quality

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