Product Description

Unique Expansion Valve Technology

Each Terumo Penpol Deep Freezer is developed after rigorous research by a group of experts, using high quality components and international standard compressor and unique expansion valve technology.
• The compressor is automatically regulated according to the freezer load and enjoys a long-life of usage
• The pressure-sensitive mechanism used protects the compressor in the long run
• The shell temperature of the compressor is always low, which ensures high reliability
• The imported oil separator ensures proper oil returns to the compressor, which improves reliability.

Robust Construction and Endearing Look
• Comes with a fully stainless steel interior
• The heavy gauge, CRCA/HDGI exterior with powder coating keeps the equipment free from rusting
and chipping.
• The 3 Interior trays are made of SS304 grade stainless steel. They are height adjustable for multiple usage and maximum storage.
• The 12.5 cm foamed in PUF insulation in exterior walls and door ensures ultimate protection and safety for your plasma products. Proper insulation results in more temperature-holding time and reduced power consumption.
• The triple rubber gasket sealing and handle with self pushing mechanism keeps the plasma products completely protected in the freezer. The seal reduces humidity migration into the interior and preserves the cold air inside the cabinet.
• The hot line around the mouth of the cabinet prevents condensate formation.
• The 4 stainless steel interior compartments doors with magnetic latches ensures secure storage and less cold air loss during the opening and closing of the doors.
• The imported castor wheels makes moving the deep freezer around in blood banks easy.

Never leaves you in the dark

• The eye-level positioning of the chart recorder and temperature display makes the user information more accessible and convenient.
• The 24 hours battery back-up for temperature recording unit keeps the temperature monitoring uninterrupted and protects your valuable samples around the clock
• User friendly alarms and indications in Terumo Penpol Deep Freezer displays possible abnormalities

Technical Specifications

The 5KVA external stabilizers stabilizes the input voltage up to 170-270 VAC and give a constant output voltage of 190-240 VAC to the compressor.
• Prevents the entry of excess or low voltage to the freezer
• Gives protection from short circuits and high temperature
• The compressor life is secured by reliable operation irrespective of input voltage.

Eco-friendly Refrigerants and Insulation
• All refrigerants used in Terumo Penpol Deep Freezers are CFC free and are commercially widely available
• CFC free PUF insulation

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