Product Description

-Standardized high quality blood processing.
-Automated data collection for complete process and product traceability.
-Component separation with Top-and-bottom (TAB) and Top-and-Top (Conventional) type.
-Processing protocols allow a wide range of separation procedures

Technical Specifications

-Superb flexibility is achieved with the use of 11 programs, programmable by external PC.
-Multiple detection system ensures tube and bag placement according to the selected protocol.
-The graphical colour display allows easy follow-up of each step of the separation process; component flow, component weights, clamp positions, sealing functions and flow indicated by colour changes.
-Special subroutines are available for procedures like air removal of filtered whole blood, aliquoting (Conventional procedure), diluted RBC etc.
-Safe press system protects operators from injuries during processing.
-The ergonomic design of telescopic bag support and round-shaped edges enable comfortable handling.
-Terumo’s unique top-angled pneumatic press is designed for high stability of layers during extraction and standardized small rest volume.
-Automatic calibration of scales, detectors and press position.
-Microprocessor-based electronic process control with a set of integrated scales and sensors measures flow and weight of all fluids.
-Guaranteed purity of components, with a sharp detection of layers done by an intelligent interaction of flow regulator and 11 optical sensors.

Full Details