Blood and Fluid Warmer

Product Description

A Blood and Fluid is Medical equipment used in the healthcare industry for warming blood products and Fluids at 30°C to 45 C. 

Standard temperature for warming blood products is 37 °C and warming cabinets maintain the accuracy of typically+/- 0.1 °C.

Blood and Fluid warming cabinets are equipped with a fully automatic temperature controller and USB port. 

Neoprene Gasket saves the cabinet from any kind of leakage and temperature loss. Our warming cabinets are compact, lightweight & user-friendly.


Technical Specifications

·    External case treated with a corrosive resistant epoxy coating.

·   Priming Volume in mL: <=50.

·   Display: LCD

·   Technology of heat exchanger: Dry Heat.

·   Heating elements in the ribs (at the bottom) and three sides

·   Temperature ranging from 30°C to 45 0C with 0.5 0C sensitivity.

·   High Temp cut off in 41°C -430C.

·   Warm-up time of heat exchanger in min: <=3

·   Input Power Supply: 230 V, 50Hz A.C., Single phase.

·   CE, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 certified.

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