Ultra Violet Sterilization Box-USB 300

Product Description

Mehrotra Biotech''s Sterilization boxes are the perfect tool for transporting items in and out of clean rooms, in offices for the sterilization of papers and stationeries and in houses for sterilizing daily use items which can spread virus.  These boxes can be fully customizable and are available in different color options depending on your choice.

Ultra Violet C can decontaminate surfaces that have come in contact with the novel corona virus.

Research shows that by using UV light to sanitize our fruit and vegetable we can delay microbial growth without altering the quality of the produce. UV-C sterilization can kill over 99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi in an extremely short amount of time.

Technical Specifications

·        Completely metallic, interior and exterior furniture in stainless steel AISI 304.

·        Stainless steel door: AISI 304

·        Resistant to chemical agents.

·        Height of the base stand: 70 cm

·        UV-C Wavelength: 254 nm.

·        Radiation power: UVC 360 microwatts / CM2.

·        Radiation dose per minute 4.5 KJ.

·        Sterilization method: UV-C Light.

·        Timer: UV timer present.

·        Auto UV sterilization cycle

·        Sterilization time: 99% in 2-30 mins.

·        Indicator: LED Lights for indications and alarms.

·        Automatic UV-C light will switch off when door is open.

·        Power supply: 230 Volts / 50 Hz.                                                                







USB 300

SS 304

SS 304

47.5x51.5x57.5 cm

41x41x41 cm

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