CO2 Incubator- Safegrow 188

Product Description

The new BioAir S@feGrow 188"Direct Heat" CO2 incubator, equipped with an automatic decontamination cycle, it has been designed to offer a stabilized environment perfectly suited to cell and tissue cultures, taking into consideration the most sophisticated needs of those working in this area, both with continuous and batch cultures. S@feGrow 188 accurately maintains the set CO2 percentage, while ensuring uniformity of the temperature and the high level of humidity.

Main features

- Direct heating system that allows to have large internal volumes with reduced external dimensions (External dimensions (WxHxD) mm 680 x 896 x 746)

- Internal chamber in electropolished AISI304 stainless steel

- No welds and rounded corners with a wide radius for better cleanability

- Shelf support system easily removable without equipment

- Stacking system to stack 2 incubators

- Solid or perforated shelves

- Standard decontamination cycle (125 °C for 4h)

- Passive air circulation without the need for filter systems

- Available with single internal glass door or with 4 independent sections

- Door opening to the left or right (cannot be changed after sale)

- IR independent humidity technology for CO2 sensors

- CO2 recovery time and rapid temperature (<5min)

- Passive humidification(water tank included in stainless steel)

- Internal log of the last 500 events viewable on the display

- Ability to export data via RS232 for connection to external monitoring and data logging systems(Optional: USB adapter)

- Standard cable gland hole for feeding equipment into the internal chamber or inserting additional sensors

Technical Specifications


- Heatingsystem Direct irradiation on 6 sides, 4 independent controls, 73 meters ofheating elements

- Operatingrange 10 - 5 °C, from 1 °C above room temperature

-Measurement 7 RT Curved matched thermistors capable of detecting and controllingup to 0.01 °C

- Control+/- 0.1 °C

- Accuracy+/- 0.1 °C

- UniformityGreater than +/- 0.3 °C

- Recoverytime Within 5 minutes, after opening the door for 15 seconds

 - Independent overheating protection,deactivates all heating elements when the set temperature is      exceeded by1 °C


- Solidstate IR sensor, equipped with Auto zero and independent of the degree ofhumidity

- Range 0.5to 20% in 0.1% increments

- +/- 0.1%control

- UniformityGreater than +/- 0.1%

- Accuracy+/- 0.2% compared to the set value of 5%

- Recoverytime Within 5 minutes, after opening the door for 15 seconds.


- Tray tankwith 2.5 Lt Capacity, in electro polished 304 L stainless steel

- RH levelUp to 95%


- Fullyautomatic type, temp, max, 125 °C, validated

- Ascenttime 1.5-2.5 hours

- Exposuretime 4 hours

- Descenttime 5-7 hours

- Total time10.5 - 13.5 hours


InnerChamber: 304 Stainless Steel, totally seamless, electro-polished

Chambervolume (gross /usable): 188.6 litres/140 litres

InternalDimensions (W x H x D) mm: 530 x 690 x 500

ExternalDimensions (W x H x D) mm:  680 x 896 x746

Exterior:Powder painted mild steel with ABS plastic outer door cover

Interioraccess:  Heated outer door with directchamber access or sealed inner glass door (with optional 4/8 inner glass doors)

Door swing:  Right side opening with optional left sidedoor swing ( factory fitted)

Net Weight: 102Kg

PackedWeight:  135 Kg.


Shelf racks:Easy to assemble , 304 stainless steel construction, with high temperatureplastic spacers

Shelf type:  Solid (non perforated) stainless steel shelves( perforated available as option)

Shelfdimensions (W x D) mm:  510x 455 mm, with150 mm height above each shelf

Shelfsurface area, Sq meter:  0.23 m2 ( 2.76sq ft)

Capacity:standard – maximum:  4-8 shelves.


Chamberstatus alarm: Fully programmable, audio-visual, auto reset when chamberconditions resume

Incubatorfunction alarm: Fully automatic alarms to advise failure in heaters or sensors

Alarm eventsLog: Up to 500 alarm events held in memory on a rolling basis, displayed on 2 x24 display,

showingprogrammed value, actual value, time and duration of alarm event.


Voltage:  220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Rated Power :1.5 KW

Power tomaintain 37° C : < 0.1 kW


RS 232output:  Operating conditions, alarms andevents data output

RS 232interface:  Standard supply, for remoteaccess

Contact forremote alarm: Volt-free, for wiring to a remote external alarm device or alarmsystem (BMS).

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