Incubator Orbital Shaker

Product Description

Incubator Orbital Shaker IS20 for biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories is a next generation, professional category equipment.

Built-in noiseless, thermo-resistant and brushless fan provides precise temperature distribution inside the chamber (adjustable for up to +80°C). The inner chamber is made of stainless steel. State–of–the–art motor, newest thermal insulation materials, soft-start of the platform motion and temperature PID–control decrease the energy consumption and make the Incubator Orbital Shaker highly energy efficient.

IS20 is equipped with a direct-drive mechanism for platform motion. It provides reliable and stable operation for the long term experiments needed for cell growth.


We provide 1 Nos. 2 liter Capacity Flask holder and 4 nos 1liter Capacity Flask holder as standard fitment in stain-less steel construction.

Additional Flask holders Can be ordered separately as per the requirement.

Technical Specifications

Model Number - IS20

Overall Dimensions - 20x27x33 inches

Weight - 150kg

Power Consumption - 1kW

Operating Voltage - 230V, 15A

Display - Digital Display for Temperature, Time and Speed

Controller - PID Micro-controller with weather and timer control

Temp Range - 260-700 deg Celsius

Speed Range - 30-300 rpm

Orbital Displacement - 21mm

Maximum Load Capacity - 10kg

Motor - Brushless DC Motor

Illumination - 6W LED

UV Lamp - 8W UV-C Germicidal Lamp

Temperature Sensor - PT100 type RTD sensor

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