MBPL Ductless Fume Flitration Cabinet

Product Description

Mehrotra Biotech makes Ductless Fume Filtration Cabinets DFC1200, latest in air filtration technology and clean room laboratory equipment are perfect for wide variety of applications. DFC1200 provides the user a secured work space for the repetitive manipulations of small chemicals quantities. The dangerous vapours are confined in the enclosure, then cleaned while entering the active charcoal filter/activated carbon filter. Optionally, a Hepa Filter may be specified that provides containment particulate to 0.3μm. Finally, dangerous vapors are rejected in the atmosphere without danger for the environment. Thus,the user’s health is protected.
It offers a solution to operation that are conscious in many levels - environmental, energy conserving and economic.Representing DESIGN and ENGINEERING INNOVATIONS that are at the forefront of fumehood technology, these provide superior containment of toxic chemical fumes at broad range of face velocity and offer much needed work zone ergonomic benefits.

Optional Accessories -
Dual Electrical Port
HEPA Filter

Gas & Water External

Cupboard for additional storage

Technical Specifications

Overall Dimensions : 1379x753x1300mm

Noise level : <58dB

Power Rating : 230V, 15A

Primary Filter - Activated Carbon Filter

Secondary Filter (Optional) - HEPA FILTER (99999% efficient) @ 0.3 micrometers

Controller - Microprocessor based controller with 16x4 LCD Display

Air Flow Velocity - Preset at 0.51 m/s

Illumination - LED Fluorescent Lamp

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