Telstar Compact Vertical Laminar Flow Bench

Product Description

Mini-V/PCR is an UltraCompact Vertical flow bench. A quiet blower delivers an ultra clean laminar airflow over the working bench to protect manipulated products from dust, from environment contamination and from cross contamination in the working area.

Vertical benches are an ideal solution for the handling of non hazardous biological samples.
Moreover Telstar''s
Mini-V/PCR features a built–in UV light with timer particularly suitable for PCR process to denaturate oligonucleotide contaminants.

Options and Accessories-

-Gas or vacuum tap

-Pipette holder

-Front closure UV Safe

-Filter Clogging alarm

-Support table

-Thermoanemometric air speed sensor to monitorlaminar flow speed and to provide filter   clogging alarm

Technical Specifications

As standard, Mini-V/PCR includes LED light, built-in UV-light with timer, electrical socket in working area, stainless steel bench.

230V/50Hz (other voltage upon request).

External dimensions (W x D x H): 670 x 520 x 1.125 mm.

Internal dimensions (W x D x H): 630 x 500 x 570 mm.

Weight: 70 Kg.

Lighting > 750 lux / noise level: 56 dBA.

Full Details