Class II Type B2 BioSafety Cabinet

Product Description

S@femate TOTAL Cabinets have been designed according to theairflow specifications for NSF49 Class II Type B2 cabinets, also knownas “total exhaust”. 100% fresh air is taken in from the lab, either fromthe front aperture and from a main inlet. The air from the main inlet isthen cleaned by the main HEPA H14 filter to provide an ISO5 workingarea and joins with the air from the front aperture on the bottom ofthe cabinet. All the air is then circulated behind the backwall of the unitand filtered via the exhaust HEPA H14 filter and reinjected into theenvironment.
This kind of units are designed to be hard ducted and provide thepossibility to work safely with small amounts of chemicals without therisk of increased concentration due to the air recirculation.

Technical Specifications

  • Sloped front sash (5°)
  • Sliding sash with electrical operation and auto recognition of the correct work position
  • Swinging front window for optimal clearing access
  • Front window presses on the gasket when in closed position to ensure no leakages.
  • Maximum height of front aperture: mm 440.
  • Front grid with “V” shape to avoid obstructing it with the arms. No need to use armrests.
  • Filter replacement and electric/electronic components maintenance from front side.
  • External surface in epoxy-painted steel.
  • Working chamber and work surface fully realized in stainless steel AISI304 with SB finishing. Easy to clean as required by EN12469:2000.
  • Work surface divided in sectors, available both solid or perforated.
  • Front sash in stratified safety glass, 6mm.
  • Air decontamination provided by HEPA H14 filters, with efficiency > 99.995% (test MPPS according to EN1822.1)
  • DOP test port for easy check of HEPA filters integrity.
  • Internal sockets with IP55 protection level.
  • Constant monitoring of the following parameters:
    • Laminar flow speed;
    • Inflow speed;
    • Optical/acoustic alarm for insufficient inflow barrier;
    • Optical/acoustic alarm for insufficient laminar flow;
    • Operating hours visualization for: cabinet, HEPA filters, UV.
  • Volt-free contact for remote blower control or connection to a remote alarm system.
  • Exhaust connector: diameter 350mm

Full Details