HistoCore Arcadia Embedding System

Product Description


  • The symmetrical and unobstructed workspace reduces distractions and allows you to keep your cassettes,molds and other accessories warm and at hand for a smoother workflow.

  • Easy-to-open trays allow for efficient access to cassettes and molds,resulting in smoothly run batches.Tray lids can be half opened to keepthe temperature stable.

  • Control matters. The ergonomic wrist pads increase hand stability and precision, even when embedding the most difficult biopsies.

  • The bright white LED improves contrast and visibility of the most transparent samples. The user-friendly magnifier, with its wide lenses and straightforward positioning, helps you embed the smallest and most complex biopsies.

  • Reliability is critical, so we designed a cold plate that sustains a high workload at ambient temperature. For a smoother workflow, a self regulating mechanism keeps the wide surface consistently at the proper temperature.

  • Easy to clean metal frame and silicon coated wrist pads. The sturdy design of the special scraper helps clean all grooves and crevices.

Technical Specifications

Operating temperatures:  50 °C to 75 °C, adjustable in 1 °C increments

Removable tray: approx. 150 cassettes (compatible with Peloris basket)

Paraffin tank: Max 4L

Illumination: LED White

Display: 5.7 inch capacitive LCD touch screen

Other Specifications:

Power supply: 100-120 V AC, 220-240 V AC, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 1000 VA max

Environmental operating temperature: +20 °C to +30 °C

Dimensions (d x w x h): 636mm x 560mm x 384mm

Weight: 27 kg

Optional accessories: • User-friendly magnifier
• Pre-filter for melted paraffin• Footswitch

Whats NEW :
Operating temperature: -6 °C (self-regulating) 

Min. guaranteed workload capacity:65 blocks solidified in 30minutes

Other Specifications:

Power supply:100V/110-120 V AC/220-240V AC, 50/60Hz

Power consumption:400 VA max

Environmental operating temperature range:+20 °C to +30 °C

Dimensions (d x w x h): 636mm x 400mm x 384mm

Weight:32 kg

Dimensions (d x w x h): (155 x 80 x 100) mm

Weight: approx. 1.5 kg

Operating temperature range:+15°C to +40°C

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